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Our Target Markets

research proteins for the life sciences

Supplying Research Proteins to the Life Sciences

At Biocleave, we’re passionate about accelerating R&D, we do this by enabling access to difficult-to-source research proteins for the life sciences.

Our core market is research use only (RUO) proteins, for the study of multiple cellular activities such as cell signalling, replication, transcription, and translation.

Our proprietary technology, coupled with the unique characteristics of clostridia means we can supply research proteins to the life sciences whilst overcoming the typical protein expression challenges, which include production host toxicity and costly development cycles.

pioneering the flavour & fragrance industry with research proteins
Flavour & Fragrance

Our clostridial host is capable of expressing enzymes involved in producing the flavour and fragrance molecules currently sourced primarily from plants. This enables us to address some of the problems surrounding sustainability of sourcing these products for large scale applications.

Agritech research and development

Fragrance molecules play an important role in pest control, and as for the F&F markets, we are able to generate the enzymes required. The ability of our host to sporulate also means we have the potential to innovate in areas of immobilisation and delivery of these molecules.

protein production for therapeutics

We are able to make essential components of therapeutic reagents for disease research. Use of our non-pathogenic clostridial host provides a safe alternative for producing toxoid elements of the pathogenic bacterial toxins.  We are also able to produce reagents for drug discovery applications.

Our Facilities

Our Facilities

Our in-house laboratories are well-equipped to take projects from concept through
to protein production and purification.

We dedicate our time to defining the capabilities of our clostridia host, continuing to uncover new expressions of research proteins that can be supplied to the life sciences. Our labs consist of:

using microbiology to supply research proteins


Molecular Biology


Analysis & Purification

Our Ethos

Responsible Research & Innovation

The responsible use of science and technology to design customer solutions is intrinsic to our company. We have an embedded health and safety culture, and our projects incorporate Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) elements within their framework, including collaborations with social scientists.

Our staff are actively engaged in education and outreach programs and many are STEM ambassadors. Our activities include visiting schools and universities as guest speakers, hosting school students on work experience, offering internship placements for university students and participating in local science festivals.

The Nagoya Protocol

The Nagoya Protocol is an international agreement developed to create fair and equitable benefit sharing when accessing genetic resources.

Biocleave is committed to a responsible approach to research and innovation, and we have taken steps to implement the Nagoya protocol in our organisation.

When sourcing material within the scope of the Nagoya Protocol we take all reasonable steps to ensure that we and our suppliers have demonstrated appropriate due diligence and have complied with all national access legislation governing the access to and use of such materials.

Mental Wellbeing

Mental wellbeing is of the utmost importance to biocleave and we are committed to nurturing a culture in which our employees feel supported with any mental health issue, no matter how big or small.

As part of this commitment, we have signed the MINDFUL EMPLOYER Charter for Employers Positive about Mental Health. The initiative is run by Devon Partnership NHS Trust and the charter outlines a set of voluntary aspirations for workplaces to work towards.

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